Saturday, 17 November 2007

Integration of phpNuke and MediaWiki (Authentication)

The goal is, that users are only registered on phpNuke, and can use the same username on MediaWiki, without logging in twice.

Readme.txt, Download, Auth_phpnuke.php, authphpnuke.php, modules/MediaWiki/index.php.


jon said...
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jon said...


it does not say where to add the code in LocalSettings.php ; when I add it, anywhere, it breaks the Wiki.

Are there any setting iin the Wiki which need to be changed too?


jon said...

Having spent an age trying to get this to work, and even asking a friend, we give up; this mod is BS.

The problem is with Auth_phpnuke.php on line 31:
Undefined variable: phpnukecookie
This variable does not occur anywhere within phpNuke !

Thanks for wasting several house of our time............

you twat.

brouhon said...

Sorry m8 i cant seem to make it work
do you have any suggestions ??

c ya

Timotheus Pokorra said...

I was not aware there were comments on this blog item.

@jon: I don't like to be called names, and I am annoyed by your rude and unappropriate language.
In the readme.txt there is my email address, which could have been used first before calling me names.

I am not using phpNuke anymore.
Obviously, this has been only tested with quite an old version of MediaWiki, and so I don't know if it still works with current MediaWiki.

The comment in Auth_phpnuke.php says:
$phpnukecookie comes as a http parameter

It only worked with register_globals = on in the php.ini, which is of course highly discouraged nowadays.

You should use
$phpnukecookie = $_GET['phpnukecookie'] ;

phpnukecookie is passed in the file phpNuke/modules/MediaWiki/index.php

Please keep in mind that I just wanted to give people ideas how to do things, and they have to find out themselves how it works for them.