Sunday, 10 February 2008

My first little project using the Mono XSP server

I wanted to provide an online version for the project Delphi2C#, so that people can just paste their Pascal code on the website, and see how good the converter is for them when it displays the C# version of their code.

On Debian, you need to install:
apt-get install mono-xsp
This will give you a file
It already contains the configuration for the samples, that live in
To start the xsp server, you just run
/etc/init.d/mono-xsp start
And you will be able to access the samples at
For example to add your own aspx file, copy it to
The source code of that file you can see here:
Browse CVS of Delphi2C#

If you have a dll as well, copy that to
In your aspx file, you need to write at the top to use that dll:
<%@ Import Namespace="Delphi2CSharp" %>
To debug your application (e.g. I had compiled the DLL for .Net 2.0, but the xsp only supported 1.1 and crashed without any message to the browser):
cd /usr/share/
MONO_OPTIONS=--debug && xsp --verbose
Then in the webbrowser go to
You will see all the Console.WriteLine output, and also any exceptions and Mono crash messages.

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